Figure 2 from ms "Description of a new species of Streptosyllis..."

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Imaging technique: 

Streptosyllis arenae, a) Right parapodium, chaetiger 1, dorsal view; b) Left parapodium with dorsal cirrus, chaetiger 16, dorsal view; c) Right parapodium with ventral cirrus, chaetiger 37, dorsal view; d) Articulated dorsal cirrus, chaetiger 17; e) smooth dorsal cirrus, chaetiger 20; f) pseudoarticulated dorsal cirrus, chaetiger 2; g) Palps, dorsal view; a, b, c, d, e, f: paratype USNM 417, slide 119/1717; g: paratype USNM 417, slide 25/1717.

Sarah Faulwetter