Figure 2 from manuscript 'Sphaerosyllis levantina sp. n. from the eastern Mediterranean'

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Imaging technique: 
Scanning Electron Micrograph
Preparation technique: 
Dehydrated - critical point dried (Bal-Tec CPD 030) - sputter-coated with gold (Bal-Tec SCD 050) and examined under a JEOL JSM-6390LV at the Department of Biology ( University of Crete)

Sphaerosyllis levantina sp. n. SEM images of a anterior end and midbody, dorsal view b–c compound chaetae, anterior chaetigers d dorsalmost compound chaetae, anterior chaetiger e compound and dorsal simple chaetae, midbody f dorsalmost compound chaeta, posterior chaetiger g ventralmost compound chaetae, posterior chaetiger h dorsal simple chaeta

Sarah Faulwetter