Micro-computed tomography: Introducing new dimensions to taxonomy. Figure 9

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Imaging technique: 
Preparation technique: 
Micro-computed tomography

Alitta succinea, a) normal view and b) stereo view of volume-rendering of anterior region, lateral view (3D effect is revealed when viewed with red-cyan glasses); c) coronal cross section of anterior region depicting areas of insufficient tissue staining with PTA. Black areas in pharyngeal region remained unstained and information is lost; d) dorsal view and e) posterior-lateral view of false-colour volume rendering of virtually dissected anterior region; f) volume rendering of anterior region, dorsal view.

Sample preparation:
Animal was fixed in formalin and preserved in 70% ethanol. Prior to scanning, it was stained for 20 days in 0.3% phosphotungstic acid (PTA) in 70% ethanol, the solution was renewed every 5 days. For scanning, it was placed into a polypropylene pipette tip in 96% Ethanol.

Scanning parameters:
Scanner: SkyScan 1172
Voltage/ Current: 60kV/ 167µA
Filter: None
Nr of projection images: 900
Rotation step: 0.4°
Exposure time per image: 190 ms
Total scanning time: 2x 0:17h (multi-part scan, subscans automatically combined)
Resolution (µm/pixel):3.425
Camera pixel binning: 2x2

Reconstruction & Visualisation:
Software used for reconstruction: NRecon (SkyScan)
Software used for volume rendering: CTVox (SkyScan)

Sarah Faulwetter