Micro-computed tomography: Introducing new dimensions to taxonomy. Figure 13

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Imaging technique: 
Preparation technique: 
Micro-computed tomography

Syllis gracilis, cross sections, a) coronal view showing prostomium, palps and posterior eye pair; b) transaxial view at level of pharyngeal opening, showing papillae around pharyngeal opening; c) dorsal view, pharyngeal opening and pharyngeal tooth. Double lines at borders of cirri are artefacts resulting from either movement of specimen during the scan or from settings during dataset reconstruction.

Sample preparation:
Animal was fixed and preserved in 96% ethanol. Prior to scanning, it was stained for 3 days in a 1% iodine solution in 96% ethanol. For scanning, it was placed into a polypropylene pipette tip in 96% Ethanol.

Scanning parameters:
Scanner: SkyScan 1172
Voltage/ Current: 60kV/ 167µA
Filter: None
Nr of projection images: 1440
Rotation step: 0.25°
Exposure time per image: 1165 ms
Total scanning time: 3x 1:52h (multi-part scan, subscans automatically combined)
Resolution (µm/pixel): 1.439

Reconstruction & Visualisation:

Sarah Faulwetter